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The commented museum

Audio-guided tour of the exhibition Free download on smartphone

1h30 approximately + 3D video of 10 min

Visiting the museum allows students to acquire a lot of knowledge while having fun. From daily life, to decorations, through construction or even agriculture, all aspects of the villa are covered.

The content of the visit is adapted  according to the ages and school levels of the children.

Likewise, many educational modules are offered throughout the course.

At the end of the visit, the pupils benefit from a video space which offers a 3D immersion in the 4th century villa.

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The commented villa

Audio-guided tour of the villa of Lalonquette  Free download on smartphone

1 hour approximately (+ 30 min if educational booklet)

The guided tour of the site of the Gallo-Roman villa of Lalonquette complements the visit of the museum's permanent collections. It allows to offer a  original and fun reading of the remains.

In the presence of a guide, children will discover the immensity of this country palace and  spatial organization  characteristic of ancient villas.

Emphasis is placed on the architecture and the proximity of the site by means of a stroll through the dive sites.


The connected trail

Geolocated walk                  Free download on smartphone

45 min for the descent

The path that connects the museum located in the town of Claracq to the ancient site in the town of Lalonquette will soon be punctuated by multiple educational stages.

The pupils will thus discover various elements of heritage and characteristic landscapes of Vic-Bilh.  by means of 8 interpretation panels which present in turn: the castle, the village, the church, the landscapes, the castle mound, the paths, the smallholding and the mill.

(Under conditions, see with the team)

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